Sunday, January 02, 2005

Financial Concerns

As you know, we are forming a growing group of concerned people who want to go to SE Asia and help with the recent disaster. For me, and others, one main concern is financial. I just finished school as a Medical Assistant. I am in between school and finding clinical work. I am strapped for money and a bit concerned about paying my way to SE Asia, getting the needed vaccines (cholera, etc), plane fare, etc.
So one of the things we can do is try and find some sponsers that will help our group financially.
I know I need some help and I know that the group as a whole can use some help. So let's think about this.
From here on out Logistics will be an ever growing focus of concern.

I also want to thank Andrea and Jeff for their work trying to get these and other loose ends tied up.
Cheers to everyone, as well. We can make a difference individually and as a group!

Ken Johnston